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Bulgaria hosted its National ICT RTD Foresight Open Consultation еvent under the FORSEE Project

How do we imagine the future of e-Health, Digital Content and e-Government, which technologies and social phenomena will influence their development and how it will reflect on the social life – these were part of the questions which were discussed during the National Open Consultation event on December 14th, 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Organisers of the event were the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science (MEYS) and the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM).

The Bulgarian National Open Consultation event gathered more than 50 representatives from the Public administration, academia, business and other experts interested in the discussed themes. Three thematic SWOT analyses developed under the Project on the following themes - e-Health, Digital Content and e-Government were presented during the event. There was a fruitful discussion in all the three parallel sessions where the analyses were introduced in detail. Some of the important points raised were how the level of countries with well-developed and functioning e-Government such as Estonia can be reached, tendencies like the expected substitution of personal computers with new devices – which is relevant to the need of more services for mobile interfaces etc.