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FORSEE ”Futures Workshop” & 5th Project Meeting

FORSEE Project ”Futures Workshop” was held on March 21st in Sofia, Bulgaria, and gathered innovation and digital content experts from all 8 partner countries. It was followed by the 5th Project Meeting on March 22nd. Main topic of these events was the future of research, development and innovation  of digital content in the SEE region.

The ‘Futures’ Workshop (WS) was the first in a series of 3 regional Workshops organised by the FORSEE project for the implementation of the pilot regional foresight exercise, according to the FORSEE Regional Foresight Methodology. The WS brought together a set of regional experts in Digital Content from 8 participating countries in order to discuss the key factors that could play a decisive role in the development of the Digital Content in the region. During the Workshop, the experts identified major drivers that influence these key factors, major trends, uncertainties, as well as ‘cause-and-effect’ relationships among different forces in order to build a conceptual model of the relevant environment in the field of DC RDI in SEE.

The participants of the ‘Futures’ WS prepared a preliminary version of a ‘skeleton of future images’, which is elaborated in the WS Output paper. A Skeleton consists of a number of possible futures (or "images of the future" or "future states" as they may also be referred to). Each of these future states corresponds to a specific combination of values assumed by a set of key variables, properly selected to represent some of the most important elements of DC development in South east Europe.

The Futures WS Output paper will be shortly made available here.

An online survey aiming at the validation of the WS outputs has been prepared. As a next step it will be distributed to a wide audience of respondents, including FORSEE partners, who will be asked to share their opinions, predictions, expectations, suggestions etc. regarding the future of digital content.

If you are interested in participating to the survey for DC futures in SEE, please follow this link http://forsee.eu/future-images-survey

More pictures from the Workshop are available here.